Package with IML

    In-mold labeling or IML, is a technology allowing decorated packaging labels casting. This technique is common in the world of bottles, jars and other thermoforming plastic products decorated. This method is applied to the label on the package prior to contact with the product.


    This technology is used to glue labels to the container, and shortens the IML packaging production cycle and reduces the workforce need to do this operation.


    IML process polypropylene film with a fine-printed design is placed in the open form and kept in the desired position is vacuum, electrostatic attraction, or other means. Subsequently, the form is closed and the molten plastic mass is injected or extruded into shape adapting to the shape.

    In Mold Labeling advantages:


    > The innovative and attractive packaging appearance

    > Ability to change product designs without investment in new printing clichés

    > Accelerated packaging line speed (packaging decorated with its manufacturing process, rather than later)

    > Reduced packaging weight

    > Resistance to dirt

    > Improved wall strength

    > Holds pressure during transport

    Packaging according to invidual request


    Following IML popularity in Europe, since 2005 we began to shed 0.8 and 1.0 liter buckets with label injected.

    We implement projects by individual packaging. According to customer requests that you want to construct a 3D model of the package, its approval, prepare the mass production of the package.