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Cacao baking form”TART’ 90/20


Dimensions: 90 x 20

Package: 200vnt.

Tulips made of cellulose derived from cocoa shells. The paper has a unique ‘natural’ embedded, non-chemical, aesthetic that resembles cocoa or coffee.
Cocoa paper can perfectly match top quality natural food packaging for pastry shops, bakeries and coffee shops.

Cocoa paper forms are suitable for both traditional and microwave ovens, they can withstand temperatures up to 220 ° C. They are also freezable and resistant to grease.

COCOA Paper is derived from an innovative botanical technology that uses cocoa hulls from the chocolate industry and turns them into paper of excellent quality, with a natural texture and unique aesthetics.

COCOA Paper is an excellent example of a circular economy. The cocoa bean hulls left over from chocolate production are used to make compostable paper which, after use, degrades within a few months.

COCOA paper is PFOA and PFOS free and is 100% industrially compostable, it can be disposed of in organic waste

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