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An aluminum mold with handles


An aluminum mold with handles from the Ultra Force series , used as a 2000ml roasting pan.
Ultra Force is a new line of aluminum molds designed by Giugiaro Design . It guarantees a stronger, more resistant tray made of the same amount of aluminum.
Giugiaro Design has carried out meticulous research and stress testing of aluminum in order to redesign the Cuki aluminum trays.

The new trays offer significant improvements in terms of functionality and durability , while the new reinforced structure maximizes strength properties and increases stress resistance by 20% compared to previous models – all with the same amount of aluminum.

The Ultra Force range offers greater practicality and versatility of use ,with ergonomic handles that increase resistance to bending, and reinforced corners for a stronger, more stable tray. The level of performance has been improved by introducing a frame that makes the tray more non-stick and allows for more efficient heat distribution , especially useful in key phases such as inserting food and removing from the oven.

Dimensions: 305 x 203 x 60

Capacity: 2500ml

Package: 25 pcs.

Prices are VAT included