Drums, Canister, Bottles

The production of these canisters was started more than 30 years ago. Their characteristic shape is identified by our customers with the highest quality and most importantly certainty. In recent years, the weight of canisters has been reduced without losing their most important - strength properties. The canisters are available in weights from 220 to 325g so that we are able to meet the requirements of all our clients
AST plastic canisters and barrels are manufactured from environmentally friendly low molecular weight polyethylenes of high molecular weight.
The following properties distinguish them:
• many possible applications
• physiologically harmless
• neutral in terms of smell and taste
• possibility of stacking
• suitable for pallets
• suitable for food products
• possibility of complete emptying
• possible different pressings and colors
• adapted to almost any type of filling
• nice form and comfortable handle
• variable weight of the cartridge according to the client's wishes.